Let us present you our the most recent works


Metal Rates
(A data-driven finance application for commodities brokers)

Our customer was a representative of commodities trading company who needed a united source of information for his employees that could provide them with mission-critical data on gold, silver and other precious metals quotes in a clear visual way and enable them to perform certain actions on the received data. We backed up the app with the MySQL database to provide real-time information and integrated Push Notification to inform users about any changes in the rates. We also helped to streamline the trading operation implementing purchasing and selling functionality.


(A deals discovering application for clothing shops)

Our customer approached us to create an application which will become a great way for clothing shops to promote their deals and limited offers. We integrated Google Maps functionality that helps users to find the nearest shop they are interested in and lay out the route to it. Push Notifications inform users about new appearing deals and about those that are about to finish. The user should create his or her account and define interesting items of clothes and favourite brands so that no one will miss relevant information


Hey, Darling!
(A family-targeted video-chat platform)

Our primary focus while working with the platform was a safety for children and elderly to use it. Our task was to eliminate any unwanted contacts and information. Besides this security we implemented rich multimedia functionality such as instant picture sharing, taking a photo during the call and others. We benefited from P2P video-streaming technology providing better image and sound quality. Thanks to OpenTok framework we also enabled users to receive calls in a background mode.


Academic Year
(A mobile application that improves interaction between professors and students)

On of UK colleges was interested in improving communication between students and professors and optimisation of the overall educational process. The application is based on the college website and reflects its functionality providing students and professors, making them more mobile and quick. The app includes several sections:

We also integrated chat functionality, so professor and his students are always in touch with each other.


Tasty Thing
(An informative and booking restaurant application)

Our customer was a restaurant owner who wanted to make his business more mobile-friendly and attract new customers via an informative application. We built an application that provides useful information on the restaurant to the users including interior photos, menu information, and contacts such as phone number, email, and address information visualised with integrated Google Maps. Users can not only have a look at the menu and read ingredients but also book the table and even order the meal to the time of visit. Besides, the app includes a virtual guestbook, so every user can see what other restaurant visitors think of the place and how they rate it.