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Looking for a mobile development company? Look no further, we are expert mobile software developers who know how to transform the business processes introducing innovations into habitual workflow. We help forward-looking entrepreneurs to make their first steps in the mobile market.

What Makes Mobile Development Different from Desktop

Programmers write different codes for software solutions which run on mobile and desktop devices. Designing software for portable gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, developers should keep the mobility in mind to provide a native user experience. Such things as memory and CPU limitations, touchscreen, hardware capabilities including GPS, audio and video assets, accelerometer, calling capabilities and others point the devices differences making app programmers to consider them to ensure smooth development and feature integration. Mobile experience leans on its own set of design considerations and guidelines as well as compatibility with the particular operating system. The last point divides mobile developers into Android, iOS and Windows programmers.
  • Android development
  • iOS Programming
  • Windows Software
  • Web-based Applications
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Solutions

Android App Developers

IT product design team is proficient in crafting bespoke native apps for Android-powered smartphones and other devices that run this operating system. Android programmers utilise the latest software development tools and frameworks to make the designed solution stand out in the mobile market engaging potential customers. With the help of Android Studio IDE, Java, numerous JS Libraries and other technologies, we build a user-friendly, high performance and secure products of a superior quality. Our commitment to your ideas in combination with passion for IT enable us to deliver the best opportunities for the success possible.

Apple app developers deliver custom software solutions for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS embracing all Apple’s devices and operating system they run. Apple’s operating system is recognised as the most stable and secure mobile platform. Its functionality and sleek system design provide all conditions for business and communications. Being a platform for only one brand, iOS manage to compete with the Android operating system being the second most popular platform in the mobile market. Besides, iOS users are also known as willing-to-pay consumers what makes this platform perfect for the monetisation strategy. Our in-house iPhone app designers are vastly experienced in the development of iOS products and their further seamless submission to the Apple App Store.

OS Expertise

As a reputable iOS development company, we have a strong team of iOS programmers who deliver high-quality and outstanding solutions for Apple’s competitive market with millions of apps on the app store. We adhere to the iOS Human Interface guidelines and corporate coding standards and build apps with the latest versions of Apple’s technologies including Xcode, Swift and Objective-C, Interface Builder and others. We focus not only on feature-packed filling but also intuitive navigation and and engaging user experience. For over seven years of the company's existence, we have proved our competence in iOS development with first-rate digital products.

Being a competent mobile development company, we also provide companies with Windows applications that bring your ideas to life with a reliable, elegant and intuitive user experience. Windows app designer provide a feature-packed software solutions with a fully customised layout with neat animation. If your company needs a solution based upon Microsoft technologies targeting its Windows Phone platform catering the exact business needs. Microsoft has redesigned Windows platform bringing innovative, fluid, and user-friendly layout as well as universal app development capabilities embracing all Windows device family. Our development company will help you to concentrate on the business and personal life offering quality and trustworthy applications.

Windows Developers

Strong team of Windows app designers strive to meet customers’ exact requirements demonstrating their expertise in Modern Style UI and Windows family extension SDKs and API. We will help you to target the Universal Windows Platform with a modern UWP apps. With the help of Visual Studio IDE, Visual Basic, C#, C++ and Microsoft’s development technologies, Windows programmers handle both small and large-scale projects constructing apps for Windows phones and tablets as well as desktops.

Unlike native applications, web-based software doesn’t need to be downloaded and doesn’t require device’s memory but can be easily accessed over a network connection. With the growth of the popularity of portable devices due to their evolving hardware and operating system capabilities, one of the criteria to the development of web-based software became its responsiveness and ability to adjust to the devices with smaller screens and mobile browsers. Such type of applications can be also client-based with a small part of the program required to be downloaded while it is processing over the Internet on server. Whether you need to build an online calculator customised to the specifics of the company’s operations, personalised calendar or more intensive piece of software such as spreadsheets apps, you can count on this digital design company.

Web Expertise

When it comes to web development for both desktop or mobile tech gadgets, our web programmers are first-class specialists whose level of competence enables us to deliver quality code in frontend and backend scripting. We are well-versed in client-side scripting leveraging HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other technologies of this type, and can boast extensive expertise in server-side scripting benefiting from high-level programming languages, such as PHP, Ruby, Python and others as well as such technologies as ASP.NET, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server and others. And when it comes to the mobile development, the company also take advantage of the web technologies which match the needs of mobile Web authors, including CSS Mobile, SVG Tiny, XHTML and others.

Agile development allows a team of developers to change the direction of the project throughout the whole development lifecycle. Such opportunities can be achieved due to an iterative process which implies repeated work cycles which let us implement new features to the app incrementally and hence make some improvement by the way. Every aspect, from functionality to design, can be continuously reconsidered and reevaluated throughout the software development lifecycle. It significantly reduces development costs and product’s time to market. The point is that before its release a piece of software is continuously optimised by developers during the development and that leads to the creation of a competitive product.

Cross-platform development

The IT company with experienced staff has experience in delivering cross-platform solutions utilising standard web technologies HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and such well-known frameworks as AngularJS, iQuery, PhoneGap and Xamarin which enable programmers to deliver a native-like look and feel across all smartphones and tablets. We prefer to work with Xamarin cross-platform software that enables developers to build platform-specific UIs which run iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms accessing devices’ native capabilities with the help of C# and .NET frameworks.


About Company

Professional developers design mobile apps with a simple idea in mind that information can change things if it is used correctly. Our software company specialises in bespoke mobile development putting emphasis on the users and delivering life-enhancing experience via the digital products. In the digital age information technologies are constantly evolving bringing developers more and more opportunities to produce high-level IT products that optimise internal operations, improve and accelerate corporate processes, and enhance relationships within the company and outside it. Our IT company aims at assisting businesses to navigate ever-changing landscape of the information technologies and beat a path to growth and success. Our mobile solutions which run iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows devices are tailored to the customers’ needs meeting the most demanding requirements and helping to overcome the most challenging problems.

Cost of the Mobile Development

The cost of the development services is one of the most frequently asked questions but the nature of the bespoke development implies that the cost of every specific project should be determined according to its requirements and specifications. Software complexity, platforms it embraces, even technologies it is developed with - all these and many other factors influence the project budget. In some cases company can estimate the application as a £8,000 project, while other specifications and requirements can boost the cost up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Nevertheless, to determine the real cost of your particular project, you need to talk with the IT company representative, describe your requirements and get expert insight into the development peculiarities. Looking at our company’s development cases, we can say that average cost of the applications we have delivered is about £20,000 - £30,000. Talk to us to get a free quote.

Hire Mobile Development Company

The demand for mobile apps has rocketed in all business spheres, our company strives to meet business needs and helps customer companies to accelerate their internal processes, increase sales and brand awareness. We learned to deliver brilliant design and impressive functionality leveraging the variety of technologies. Our team offers a full spectrum of services providing end-to-end development. The company has collected creative and skilled developers whose expertise and experience empower our team to solve challenges of any complexity making the most innovative ideas real. We guarantee a top-quality with a strong team of QA engineers and qualified testers who monitor the app creation process from the initialisation stage till the deployment. And even after successful launch, we offer our maintenance services helping you to improve the digital product adjusting it to the emerging needs.