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We are a leading London-based IT company with a world-class team of mobile app developers who help transform businesses through the design and integration of mobile solutions.

Our Services

Proficient developers with experience of over seven years in this industry offer end-to-end development providing a full spectrum of services related to the business mobilisation and app ideas realisation. We are experts in what we do and will be happy to share expertise with innovative entrepreneurs. The digital design company has an extensive team of 100+ IT specialists whose common expertise ensures a seamless workflow and all the way through project initialisation, development and deployment.
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Facing the mobile development project for the first time, the appearance of questions is inevitable. Mobile technology consultant will assist in getting the clear understanding of our services, technology capabilities, operating systems differences, available features and other mobile-related issues and development aspects. App makers help businesses to leverage the potential of mobile devices advancing the way people encounter and manage the information. At the planning stage, business analysts together with project managers and clients develop a comprehensive strategy that fits the customer-company needs. They make digital the part of client’s marketing or communication tools. IT experts will share our understanding of mobile and its interaction with the audience helping to make the best use of this knowledge.

App Stores count over millions of native applications what makes it difficult for new releases to become visible and catchy. When you approach mobile developers, they ask you about success metrics which you strive to achieve, business goals and desired results. This information is vital to make sure that software developers put the emphasis on the right objectives during the app creation. Our team present strict app idea reviewers but don’t be afraid of this because comments from professional developers will only make your app idea better. Experienced programmers know how to achieve the stated goals via smart applications. Whether you want to draw customers and retain them or streamline internal processes, we will assist you in determining the project specifications.

iPhone app developers build amazing iOS software solutions demonstrating the passion to this stable and robust operating system and hence taking all advantages of its potential as well as hardware capabilities of the portable devices. Experience iOS developers provide software solutions for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple Watches combining rich functionality with world-class design. We adhere to Apple’s guidelines and standards ensuring seamless submission and familiar user experience. iPhone app designers operate with the latest versions of Apple’s development tools including Xcode IDE, renewed Swift, Objective-C, accelerated Interface Builder, Cocoa Touch, Frameworks and other technologies. Whether you need an iOS app for business or entertainment, we will be happy to assist you with it.
Google’s operating system is the most widespread mobile platform that encompasses a number of high-end brands including Samsung, Sony, HTC and others. Android app developers will help you to embrace the massive audience adjusting the digital product to all the required screen sizes and resolutions. Android app designers can leverage this open-source Linux-based operating system with the help of Android SDK including Android Studio, Java, numerous libraries and other development tools. We will assist you in creating an effective mobile strategy that helps to reach all the Android users of both smartphone and tablet devices empowering them with feature-packed digital products with the highly customised user experience. Android application developers will help you to make a claim in the competitive market on the Google Play Store.
We have the team of experienced Windows app developers who are experts in bespoke software development for Windows device family obtaining a wealth of experience in leveraging Microsoft’s operating system for mobile devices. With the Visual Studio IDE, C#, Visual Basic and C++, software developers can reach about 50 million users delivering superior user experience and robust functionality. Our skills and level of expertise enable us to build software solutions for both desktop and mobile devices. Considering the latest ambitious operating system update, Windows now focuses on the unification of portable and desktop device family. This tendency enables our developers to write software for multiple products running Windows 10 providing nearly identical functionality.

Areas of Expertise

We are certified mobile app developers who have worked with multiple industries, small and big businesses, innovative startups and forward-looking corporations. For all that time we have gained valuable insight not only into information technologies but also in various domains enriching our background knowledge and utilising them with every new project. Experienced developers have delivered over hundreds of bespoke applications for different facets including, entertainment, hospitality, lifestyle, sport, navigation and others. We can boast expertise in:

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Among our clients, you can find well-known publishers who wanted to create mobile presence promoting their magazines, graphic novels and books. Our programmers know how to deliver extensive interactivity for the content that habitually presented in the printed form. We have dealt with auto-renewing subscriptions functionality and have delivered bespoke CMSs which enable customers to edit, update and remove the content of the apps.


Our programmers are always excited about educational projects whether it is an interactive learning tool with video content or interaction system that unites students and educators, we love the idea that we provide people with access to the knowledge.

3 m-Commerce and e-Commerce

If you want to reach consumers and promote your products enabling new point-of-sale, mobile and web programmers will enhance the shopping experience with the visual representation of the collection of your goods and integrated secure payment gateway, as we did it before.

Productivity and Business

Clients often come to us with the purpose to organise specific process or task and make them more efficient. Based on customers’ requirements, we assist in the improvement of task management, cloud storage, flowchart generators, and mind mapping tools, simulation, collaboration, ERP solutions, efficient data management and many other things.


We also have experience in work with financial apps which assist in personal finance and assets management, investment, tax, insurance, hedge funds and trading, bill reminders and other financial matters.


Working with numerous healthcare facilities, we have delivered a dozen of medical apps focused on information management, medical education, health references, companion devices for health tracking, pill reminders and nutrition recommendations, etc.


Engage Potential Customers

Mobile app development for pocket devices has hoicked since smartphones and tablets intensified their capabilities with powerful hardware capabilities and enhanced operating systems. The usage of mobile devices, as well as mobile Internet consumption, keep growing providing businesses that want to dive into this IT domain with promising prospects. Considering the growing engagement between people and their pocket devices, app development for pocket devices can become the most effective way to interact with the consumers and potential customers all over the globe. Mobile applications provide businesses with tremendous opportunities to promote the brand, increase the level of recognition, attract new people and improve the customer relationships having users engaged with a company’s software.

Drive Employees Efficiency

Improve company efficiency with optimised software solution seamlessly integrates into the existing systems. Smartphones and tablets functionality has already reached the point when these pocket devices are no longer just the means of communication and entertainment. Keeping in mind that mobile devices are the most carried around gadgets, think of how you can benefit from them. Hardly any of your employees doesn’t have any of them. Imagine how much the company can get if the staff has real-time access to the corporate information and tools via their smartphones and tablets wherever they are. Over the years our mobile app developers have been helping businesses to innovate embracing all major platforms, we have seen truly positive statistics from customer-companies we worked with.

Other Services

Web Development

We started as a web development team and further changed our focus for mobile devices due to increased demand. Nevertheless, our web development team includes first-class front-end developers and back-end programmers who can provide businesses with enterprise-level software solutions. Unlike mobile software, web apps do not need to be download and do not take any storage space. Users access them via the browser and with the Internet connection. Considering this peculiarity, experienced developers can ensure smooth performance and intuitive experience from both desktop and mobile devices. Being experts in HTML5, Java and JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET technologies and AJAX, high-level programming languages such as Ruby and Python and many other web technologies, web app developers can provide you with completely bespoke applications that meet your corporate needs, whether it is a custom database, some management system or analytical tool.

UI/UX Design

Being experienced app designers, we have learned the user behavioural models and understand their expectations when it comes to this or that type of IT product. Attractive look and user-friendly navigation map are as vital as the integrated features. When people explore the program for the first time, its interface and experience are the main factors that influence if the user is going to come back. Our web and mobile app designers have been providing software design services for over seven years. Such background and gained expertise enable us to be up to speed on web design techniques and mobile design practices. Hiring this design team, you can count on professional expertise in delivering eye-catching design and user-friendly experience.


When we deliver IT solution to the customers, we understand that it isn’t the end of the project. Every software needs technical support. It is connected with updates of the operating system it is running, growing hardware capabilities, evolving corporate needs, occurring bugs, and many other factors. Professional IT specialists offer after-launch maintenance services. We don’t leave our clients after program deployment because we care about project success. A lot of our customers prefer to prolong our partnership, thanks to the professionalism, level of expertise, industry insight, and reliability we demonstrate during the collaboration.

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Get in touch with the team of expert developers to find out more how we can help you and your business to prosper with the outstanding user experience and rich functionality. You can count on expert advice on how to make the app rise to the top and engage the users.