Making a Ton of Money with Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways of conducting market research is to spy on your competitors. Its completely legal to spy on competitors as long as you do it through completely open channels ? no black hat tactics needed. Some people might claim it isnt ethical, but in reality its perfectly acceptable to watch what your competitors are doing and try to work some of their techniques into your own system. Companies in big business do this regularly. is one of the best ways to scrutinize the competition. Their service lets you spy on the keywords your competitors are using for their Pay Per Click campaigns. This makes it easy to do your preliminary micro market research. The first thing to do is subscribe to You can subscribe for as few as three days, so you dont have to commit to anything long-term if youre unsure about it. But its obviously better money-wise to go for a long-term investment like an annual subscription to save 33%.

After choosing the subscription length, youll pick a username and login password, pay the bill, and youre ready to run with it! Once youre in, youll be able to access their full range of features. Youll see a search box at the top. Underneath that search box youll find BROWSE BY: Categories | Industries. This is a quick way to find niches. If you go to Industry, youll see a number of broad categories.

You can click one of those broad categories in order to find subcategories, companies you can spy on, and even some of the most popular terms in that category. The same thing can be done by viewing categories. Clicking a category takes you to a list of subcategories. Then youll see a list of related search terms and domains you can spy on in the subcategory. If you have specific competitors that youd like to spy on, simply add their domain in the search box.

Youll receive a page of information about this domain, including approximately how much theyre spending on PPC, about how many clicks their ads get per day, what their average position is, and other information about their campaign. Youll also get a list of their subdomains, other domain names they own, a lot of the keywords they rank for in organic search, and more. You can also peek at their top 100 lists.

They have a top 100 list for top 500 advertisers, top 500 organically ranked domains, top 1,000 most expensive keywords, and more. Pretty handy information when youre looking to cash in on the micro blogging craze! So lets say you want to cash in on the keyword phrase secured loans, which boasts a whopping $50.00 CPC (Cost Per Click). You might go to Google and type the phrase in to see what the top sites are.

Take that URL and plug it into your Spyfu account search box. Lets use as an example. Youre going to get to see the following about that site:

  • Their daily ad budget
  • Total Clicks per day they receive
  • Average cost per click
  • Average number of clicks per day
  • Average ad position
  • Average number of ad competitors
  • Average ad percentile

If you find a data detail that you dont understand, all you have to do is click on it and a pop up box will appear that tells you what it is and then how to use it. Once you go through that sites specific strategy, you can scroll down and view the organic results, advertisements, subdomains they own, and other domains they own. You also get to see who their top organic competitors and top ad competitors are, so that you can harvest even more information from them.

How can you use all of this information you dig up? Gather the keywords your to competitors are using and use it for your own online micro marketing campaign. Youre letting someone else do all the hard work of discovering what keywords work and which dont, and youre stealing it for your own use ? and its all perfectly legal!