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You might be wondering if the latest trend with mobile phones is moving away from a physical keyboard to a touch screen keyboard. A large number of the premier Android phones don’t have a physical QWERTY keyboard; however, there is still a strong market for those that do with some good options at that. It is still argued that typing on a virtual keyboard is still less accurate than typing on a physical one. Having the feel of the keys helps you move around the keyboard quickly while enabling you to hit the right keys. The 3G myTouch from T-Mobile, the HTC EVO Shift and Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint, and the Droid 2 and Droid Pro from Verizon are your best options when it comes to Androids with keyboards.

The Droid 2 is a contender for pole position as the best choice Android with a good physical QWERTY keyboard. However, the Droid 2 might disappoint some fans due to the lack of 4G connectivity and latest Android operating system 2.3, Gingerbread (the Droid 2 and Droid Pro are due to receive their upgrade to Gingerbread shortly, and there are unofficial updates available for users that have rooted their phone). In addition, the voice quality is not always the clearest. The Droid 2 has a slide out 4 row keyboard that works reasonably well. The Droid Pro is an interesting option for those of you who want the best of both worlds, BlackBerry’s business features and Androids apps, touch screen and multimedia options. This keyboard is very similar to the BlackBerry Bold and Curve keyboards that have both received very popular responses. The only negative for this keyboard is that it is very close to the bottom of the phone, which takes a little getting use to.

The HTC EVO Shift 4G is a slightly cheaper version of the HTC EVO 4G and comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The slide out keyboard is a four row design making the keys not as well spaced as the Epic. In addition, the keys are not raised enough to make it easy to feel and are a little stiff to press. Nevertheless the HTC EVO has some impressive features such as 4G connectivity, a 3.6 inch glass capacitive touch screen that is sharp and clear, good camera, and multimedia features. Hence, in conjunction with the physical keyboard, it is a good option. In addition, the EVO Shift is slightly more affordable than the Epic. The Samsung Epic comes fully loaded with the latest smart phone features, including 4G connectivity and excellent physical QWERTY slide out keyboard. This five row keyboard has plenty of space, dedicated number keys, and clickable keys that have a good feel to them with just the right amount of pressure. In conjunction with the strong multimedia features, 4G connectivity, and a top physical QWERTY keyboard, the Epic takes first place as my top Android with a keyboard.

If you are like me and still enjoy typing on a “real” keyboard, then there are a number of strong Android devices with good physical QWERTY keyboards out there to choose from. The Samsung Epic is my top pick with a well designed spacious physical keyboard, sporting the latest Android features, particularly 4G connectivity.