Best Web Design Companies

Web technologies evolve with a fast-paced rhythm transforming our understanding of a high-quality sites. Even if you have already an established online presence, you might need to redesign it to keep up with the times and to keep customers engaged. Striving to meet users’ expectations you need to collaborate only with the best web design companies. And here it is when it comes to us.

Web Solution for Small Business

The amount of resources available for building your own website is pretty overwhelming. Hundreds of web design companies offers their services to help businesses craft a chic, up-to-date site and sophisticated and robust web applications. According to Clutch survey 29% of small businesses still do not have even a brochure website relying on non-digital marketing. In the digital ages and with all the resources accessible, it is a lapse for businesses to underestimate the significance of their own web presence. Corporate informational site is no longer just a “recommended” attribute of any company. A huge sector of target audience of every businesses rely on the web to discover new companies and service providers. If you want to engage this portion of potential customers make sure you have a mobile-friendly website with a high-quality content as this is what became a top website priority in this year. A site that meets these requirements will assist you in capturing new leads and converting them into loyal customers.
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Web marketing is much more powerful than a word-of-mouth referrals because it can help you to stand against huge enterprises and well-known brands. Marketing opportunities grow incredibly letting companies to target a global audience. Increasing number of people utilize the Internet to run a product and price research and get acquainted with other people's reviews before they make decisions whether to purchase the good or service. Internet marketing is a convenient way to offer your products and services 24/7 across the globe with no overtime payments for staff. The right strategy will help to build relationships with customers, collect customers information and create personalized offers based on collected data.

Websites with booking, adding to cart, and purchasing functionality has already proved their effectiveness. Digital sales conversions help businesses to save labor and time and assisting users in making purchasing process more convenient and streamlined. To sale via the Internet costs less than via physical retail outlets. Digital retails do not require recurring property rental costs and they also eliminate the needs to purchase a stock that display your goods in a store. Ordering stock according to the demand helps significantly decrease the inventory costs. Any small business can convert their website into a cost-effective store with global reach.

Digital environment also offer new opportunities to build a substantial brand awareness, elevate brand, and manage web aesthetic. Website and customized strategy will help you to expose company brand online, increase its discoverability and recognition on the Web. Working with the best design team you increase your chances to create engaging and interactive online presence that has a low bounce rate and step by step build up a higher search engine ranking. And this is what any company needs: To make its brand more visible online. With a higher brand awareness your company will be able to increase conversions and sales.

Whether it is marketing, inventory, or labor, from all of the points of view, web design is more cost-effective than brick and mortar. It is an investment that pays off and provide you with a long-term promotion and clients attraction opportunities. As professional web designers with experience of collaboration with both small and big companies, we can ensure you that it is a highly beneficial idea that will work for you for years. Many processes you are used to doing in the physical world which require certain expenses can be also done online saving your company budget.

One of the best benefits you gain from designing a web presences is ability to collect valuable information that can be hardly available offline. With the help of Google Analytics you can find information on your customers and track the effectiveness of your web marketing strategy. Approaching our IT company we will help you to get access to this monitoring ability. Based on the information you get from the website, such as the most visited pages and viewed products, you can generate targeted offers meeting the interests of your customers.

Responsive Web as the Main Design Trend

There is hardly a need to explain what role smartphones and other mobile devices play in our everyday life. Mobile Internet consumption has grown up to 65% of the overall Internet usage, what means that people are getting mobile and waiting for this from the companies that provide them services and goods. The best web design companies are certainly aware of this tendency and have enough technical skills to deliver a mobile-friendly site. It is critical than ever to ensure that company’s website is designed responsively.
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Adjust to mobile

Every time user face non-optimized site, which has awkward navigation and completely inconvenient look on a smaller screen, he or she will simply prefer to check web solution of your competitors. Forward-looking companies should adapt to ever-changing digital landscape, and the best software designers are always ready to assist them to stand out from the competitors.

Optimize to search engines

Secondly, mobile-optimized web pages also have a great impact on your company’s ability to be more competitive in search engines as responsiveness has become one of the ranking parameters. All search engine systems, including Google and Bing increase site rank if it meets criteria of mobile-friendliness. Moreover, Google even penalizes companies for failing to adjust their web interface layout to mobile devices.

User Interface (UI)

UI refers to the user interface look, the aesthetic part of the design and explicitly the part that faces users when they interact with the application of site. This is a program look which is affected by graphic design tendencies. Thus, in 2010 skeuomorphic design was quite popular, it made visual elements look more like their real-world counterparts. But in 2012 designers started to give their preferences to a flat design which consisted of simple 2D shapes. And today we see the growing popularity of design, called “Flat 2.0.” It makes original flat style look more sophisticated with all its microinteractions, seamless animation, shadows and subtle gradients. But this design peculiarities hardly influence UX. Even if the interface looks beautifully and sleek it still can be buggy, have complicated navigation system, and cause frustrations about its elements and what to do. Here, when the turn comes to the user experience. And vice versa, intuitive and user-friendly interface can has a completely dull and visually boring design.

User Experience (UX)

UX is an abbreviation for the user experience. Some people think that the user experience is about wireframes only, but this is not exactly about wireframing. Wireframes are just a representation of the general interface layout and only a deliverable of UX design. The best web agencies always distinguish UI and UX design as they require different skills. When it comes to the user experience we talk about the way user feel the program or site. How intuitive is the navigation? Is it easy to make out what all its visual element are about? Does it cause any confusion? The user experience has psychology hidden below. It foresees how user will interact with the program. UX task is to ensure that interactions with a software solution feel natural and familiar. In other words, the best UX allows users to easily reach their intended goals within the program. Proficient designers always build their digital products with users in mind to engage people interact with the program more via the user-friendly experience.


Who we are

As an experienced web agency, our company understands client’s business needs and cater them with the profound skills and a wealth of expertise in building online business identity. Being one of the best web design companies, we craft a great first impression drawing and retaining your customers and business partners. We keep leveraging cutting-edge technologies and enlarging our knowledge base and toolbox to ensure that we can deliver the best of the best. Proficient designers know how to bring the brand to life through careful customization and personalization of your online presence. We pay attention to every detail responsible for stunning user experience from appealing look, to user-friendly layout and up to high-performing functionality. We focus on growing your business providing your company with the best quality of work, a fast turnaround time, and attention to your challenges and goals.

Expert Web Designers

We have proved our reputation of one of the best IT agencies with a focus on user-centered design. We start our development process with the thorough analysis of your company’s needs and target audience expectations. Working with such web design tools as Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator, we deliver a fully customized user interfaces. At the same time our UX experts collaborate with UI specialists ensuring seamless navigation and familiar user experience. We like integrating pretty and elegant animation, making interfaces more interactive and appealing visually. For this purposes we utilize such design tools as Principle, Flinto, and Framer. When we finish with the prototype, we demonstrate it to you via inVision or Marvel app. You can try it out as if it was a working program, see how it interacts with you and view all the animation effects. We test the design with a user test, making sure that it is intuitive enough and take into consideration your feedback. And as it is ready, we hend the outcomes to our developers who integrate the design into a working program based on robust coding. If you are looking for a company that can bring to life your web presence in the best possible way, talk with our team.