App Developers: Websites, Web and Mobile Apps - There is Nothing We Couldn’t Do

App developers’ website usually provides visitors with information about their services, but we would like to tell you even more. Let us introduce the development team which is ready to become an extension of your staff. Skilled programmers and coders will help you to translate your vision into a readable and secure code that performs required tasks.

Proficient Developers

Software engineers, app developers, website designers - all these IT experts can boast a wealth of expertise and in-depth knowledge of programming languages and software development technologies. We will help you to convert forward-looking ideas into working programs which meet your business goals. Senior and junior developers work in collaboration sharing their vision and experience with each other and continuously enlarging their skill set. We write a code for any particular operating system such as iOS or Android for mobile devices, and Windows or OS X for desktop solutions. And at the same time, our proficiency and competence in web technologies enable us to build cross-platform and hybrid software solutions which run on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • A Broad Range of Services
  • Appropriate Development Models
  • Waterfall Methods
  • Agile Approach

Leading software companies provide end-to-end development services. Our team includes a range of IT specialists whose share expertise enable us to offer an extensive pool of services. App developers, website programmers, UI designers and QA experts take client’s ideas from scratch and bring into a state of working software solution which is tailored to fit your particular needs. We assist you in the conceptualization of your project and verification of its usability and cost-effectiveness. As soon as the list of the specification is delivered, software engineers build a suitable architecture and give tasks to developers who bring to life the idea. These principles work for applications, websites, web systems and other software solutions. And as far as our expertise empower us to handle challenging projects, we provide you with digital products that perfectly match your business needs.

The way you are going to build your software solution influence the outcomes dramatically. It is important to identify whether you need to reach the market as soon as possible or you can wait till the program is completely finished? Do you have a pre-defined budget, or you can allow to make changes with the project progress? Are you sure in the application specifications or have some features you are not sure about? Here are just a few questions which should be considered before we get started. Fortunately, we can work with different development methodologies and meet any of your needs. Let us help you to define which of them will fit your app or website project more.

A traditional way to build custom software products is based on the Waterfall methods. App developers and website designers use this methodology if there are pre-defined specifications, fixed budget and detailed documentation are required. Building digital products, waterfall developers run the project step by step passing it from designers, to coders, testers and in the end to you. Every stage of the development starts when the previous one is complete so that developers do not come back to it. It means you can’t change the requirements during the development and will see only the end-results of each stage. For this approach to the development, initial planning is crucial so you should be certain about your app requirements.

Agile methodology is a relatively new approach to the development based on the willing to meet customers’ evolving needs. Such approach to the development introduces greater flexibility for both developers and clients. As an iterative and incremental process, agile development enables developers to make changes and modifications in the existing IT strategy adjusting to changing requirements throughout the development lifecycle. Programmers deliver results every two weeks which are called Sprints. And every Sprint client can check out the program and provide developers with feedback. Besides, the app MVP goes to market much earlier. Early release implies only core functionality that is why the quality of the product isn’t compromised. But agile development also implies some uncertainty when it comes to the project budget.

App developers: website and apps that transform the way you do business?

Website, applications, databases and other custom software products make a huge difference when it comes to the way you run the business. An experienced and skilled team of programmers and UI designers assist you in building measurable online presence helping to distinguish your brand from others and promote it on the Web by increasing brand recognition and awareness. We also bring to life your vision of startup application that attracts users with its intuitive and elegant design and engages people with empowering and seamlessly performing functionality. Finally, we can help you to boost company productivity and ena employees efficiency with a web application that optimizes internal processes saving time for actually important tasks.

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Website developers know how to create informative and promotive websites with as many pages as you need. Whether you need a news or magazine site to go online and reach more readers, or you need an interactive brochure site to provide potential customers with information about your company, products, and services, our frontend developers will be happy to help you reach your goals. We will also provide you with a content management system (CMS) if you need it to be able to add, manage and edit site content.

Web-based Applications

Web apps visually remind usual websites. They are accessed via the Internet browsers, do not require installation, and work with the Internet connection. At the same time, unlike any website, they are not static and display users custom content which can be modified by users. They are not as informative as functional. Web apps enable users to perform particular tasks and solve actual problems. Our backend developers provide clients with the high-end web applications that perfectly fit their requirements and business objectives.

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices have a great impact on our everyday life and work. Portable gadgets obtain incredible hardware and software capabilities enabling developers to create fascinating mobile applications. Our expertise in all major mobile operating systems and knowledge of programing languages let us build applications for Android and iOS devices. We can also provide you with a fast and secure program for Windows Mobile. We will help you to take advantage of mobile platforms and portable gadgets. Whether you want to mobilize your staff, reach customers with a mobile loyalty program, or bring to life a new startup idea, our mobile app developers have enough competence to meet your expectations.


Website vs. Web App

Ordinary site visitors can hardly distinguish website from web application due to their visual similarity. Nevertheless, the difference is significant. And it is not only about code. It is mostly about the main function they have. Websites are sources of information that can also play a promotive role, while web apps are all about functional purpose. They have more robust architecture and backend code which enables them to operate with a huge volume of information and present user personalized data. Thus, any news portal can be considered a website, but Google Docs, Google Analytics, online interactive calendars and other programs are certainly web applications. Whether you need this or that type of software solution, we have strong client-side and server-side programmers who will provide you with a top quality solution designed to meet your business needs.

Main Software Crafting Principles

Most app and website developers think of their work as about writing code that can make the program perform required features. Our team goes further. We strive to meet clients goals via our coding skills. It is never about only code but about the message, usability, attractiveness, performance, quality and ability to reach client’s business objectives. We think of software products, whether they are mobile apps, websites or other web-based solutions, as of the tools that solve problems, perform tasks, overcome challenges, rocket productivity, generate revenue or meet any other goal our client put in front of him.

Analyze the Heart of the Problem

It is essential to understand what our efforts are for. The understanding of clients’ challenges and goals enables us to find the most appropriate software solution that fits your needs perfectly well and can help you to achieve the desired business objectives. We have experienced project managers and business analysts who do research that embraces everything from your industry insight, market, target audience and competitors. Based on this information and your requirements, we make a list of apps or website specifications.

Ensure Scalable Architecture and Top Quality

Any software solution should have a solid architecture which enables developers not only bring to life the features which are required now but also implement functionality which may be required in the future. The scalable structure ensures that every new feature will work perfectly well and won’t have any impact on previously integrated functionality. Software architecture is one of the indexes of quality app or website. It and many other metrics of the IT product should be carefully tested. We deliver only top quality solutions making sure they are a cost-effective investment for our clients.

Create Suitable and Engaging User Interface

A design has a huge role in the first impression users get exploring your program. Not only attractiveness of the interface look influences whether site visitors and app users are coming back to the program on not, but also its intuitivity and user-friendliness. Our app developers and website designers always start with a clickable prototype which is carefully tested to ensure that it delivers familiar user experience. At the same time, UI designers create several layouts which are presented to the client for the feedback. With the design, we make sure that entertainment program will engage users with eye-catching design and utility apps will help staff to stay focused on their tasks.

Work with a Professional App Developers and Website Designers

Our team encompasses the most talented and skilled programmers whose expertise ensure the success of the most challenging development cases. With a span of over seven years, we have been providing businesses with top-notch software solutions focusing on the desired business goals. If you are looking for app developers who can assist you in leveraging the power of information technologies, let’s talk and discuss your development project.